Lab of Immunopharmacology & Immunotoxicology &  Lab of Veterinary Pharmacology


Lab of Immunopharmacology & Immunotoxicology

The research of this laboratory is directed toward elucidating the immunological impacts and their underlying mechanisms for the effects of nanomaterials and immunoactive herbal constituents, including cannabidiol, areca nut-derived procyanidins, and the major yam-derived sapogenin diosgenin.

Dr. Tong-Rong Jan +886 2 33661287
Research interests

  1. Immunopharmacology: Elucidating underlying mechanisms for the anti-allergic and prebiotic effects of diosgenin and other bioactive natural products.
  2. Immunotoxicology: Investigating underlying mechanisms for cannabidiol-mediated pro-apoptotic effects on immune cells.
  3. Nanotoxicology: Studying effects of nanomaterials on antigen-specific immunity and the functionality of microglia and T cells.

Lab of Veterinary Pharmacology

Veterinary pharmacology studies mechanism of drug actions and drug therapeutic usages in various domestic and wild species. Courses cover the fundamental pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics principles of drug actions, systemic pharmacology, common medications used in common veterinary disease processes and basic pharmacy techniques in veterinary practice. Chang’s research interests are bacterial resistance, drug combinations, and drug residues.

Dr. Shao-Kuang Chang,  ( +886 2 33663863)
Research interests

  1. Bacterial resistance of fluoroquinolones
  2. Drug combinations and clinical applications
  3. Drug residues in food producing animals.

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