Lab of Immunopharmacology & Immunotoxicology


The research of this laboratory is directed toward elucidating the immunological impacts and their underlying mechanisms for the effects of nanomaterials and immunoactive herbal constituents, including cannabidiol, areca nut-derived procyanidins, and the major yam-derived sapogenin diosgenin.

Dr. Tong-Rong Jan +886 2 33661287
Research interests

  1. Immunopharmacology: Elucidating underlying mechanisms for the anti-allergic and prebiotic effects of diosgenin and other bioactive natural products.
  2. Immunotoxicology: Investigating underlying mechanisms for cannabidiol-mediated pro-apoptotic effects on immune cells.
  3. Nanotoxicology: Studying effects of nanomaterials on antigen-specific immunity and the functionality of microglia and T cells.

Dr. Chia-Chi Wang +886 2 33661298
Research interests

  1. The immunotoxic effects of veterinary drugs or environmental toxicants: the immunotoxic effects of fipronil on T cell maturation and functionally
  2. Application of toxicogenomics approach for toxicity testing: the effects of maleic acid on neuronal cells
  3. Alternative assays for skin sensitization

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