Lab of Veterinary Cancer Medicine & Lab of Clinical Pathology and Cancer Research

Lab of Veterinary Cancer Medicine

The Laboratory for Veterinary Cancer Medicine aims to study the molecular mechanism caused animal tumors and look for new therapeutic and diagnostic targets for animal cancers. We have specific interests in canine melanoma, lymphoma, mammary tumor and mast cell tumor.

Dr. Taiching Liao +886 2 33669877
Research interests

  1. Molecular carcinogenesis of animal cancer
  2. Novel therapeutic and diagnostic methods of animal cancer


Lab of Clinical Pathology and Cancer Research (CPCR Lab)

The interest area of CPCR lab focus on: (1) exploring cancer biomarkers for cancer diagnosis or therapy development; (2) investigating cell metabolism relevant to cancer malignancy; (3) dissecting the interaction between host immunity and cancer progression. Canine lymphoma phenotyping and prognosis predicting developed by our lab now have become routine cancer diagnostic programs in NTU veterinary hospital. By finding the roles of novel cancer biomarkers and studying the interplay between host immune system and tumor cells, we hope to disclose potential candidates/strategy for therapeutic applications.

Dr. Chen-Si Lin,  ( +886 2 33661286 )
Research interests

  1. cancer biomarkers
  2. the role of mitochondria in cancer metabolism
  3. cancer immunotherapy


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