Lab of Reproductive Biology and Cell Biology

Cell membrane is one of the most active compartments of a cell. A constant reorganization of cell membrane surface components (e.g. proteins, lipids) is required to maintain vital biological phenomena, such as wound repair, cell growth, cell differentiation, cell mobility as well as cell-cell interactions. Our main interests are to understand how membrane surface dynamics affect (1) fertilization processes in mammals and (2) disease progression in kidney, and more importantly, how these processes are being regulated in vivo.

Dr. Pei-Shiue Jason Tsai +886 2 33661806
Research interests

  1. Sperm Membrane Dynamics and Modifications upon Fertilization Processes
  1. Functions of Calcium and Proton Channels on Gametes (Ca2+-ATPase, V-ATPase)
  1. Cytoskeleton Regulation of Membrane Surface Protein Reorganization
  1. Cytoskeleton Regulation of Protein and Intracellular Vesicle Trafficking

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