Lab of Food Hygiene and Safety

The veterinary branch of food safety usually concerns eliminating or controlling food hazards at source, extending its reach from farms to slaughterhouses or even markets. It includes various fields of studies such as public health, veterinary epidemiology, veterinary clinical microbiology and food safety, etc. The focus of our research involves of food hygiene, bacterial food-borne diseases and their pathogenesis. We are also a TAF accredited laboratory for isolation of Salmonella spp. and for procedures of specific Salmonella serotypes typing from animals and related samples. We maintain a cooperative relationship with the National Taiwan University Zoonoses Research Center. Advance techniques for epidemiological studies such as pulse-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) and Multi-locus sequence typing (MLST) are well established in our lab. Students are also trained with asepsis operating techniques and offered opportunities to participate in field investigations. Our lab provides an appropriate environment for training and development of skills and concepts to carry out epidemiological studies.


Dr. Chung-Hsi Chou, ( +886 2 33669735)

Research interests

  1. Bacterial food-borne diseases and pathogenesis
  2. Epidemiological studies of current zoonotic food-borne pathogens

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