Lab of Monoclonal Antibody and Clinical Microbiology & Lab of Molecular Cell Biology

Lab of Monoclonal Antibody and Clinical Microbiology

Monoclonal antibody (MAb) mainly studies the diagnosis and pathogenesis of animal viral diseases. Especially focus on the MAbs against viral structural and non-structural proteins, to correlate with immune response of vaccinated and natural infected animals respectively.
Dr. Ivan Chen Cheng +886 2 33669912
Research interests

  1. Swine viral diseases, such as Foot-and-mouth disease and the DIVA strategy and tools for disease surveillance
  2. Non-structural protein of avian influenza virus and its function on host immune response
  3. MAb-based diagnostic tool for animal viral disease

Lab of Molecular Cell Biology

Mechanisms of oxidative toxicities in various animal cell culture systems are our primary research interests. DNA damages or apoptosis induced by hydrogen peroxide or aflatoxin in rat hepatocytes and macrophages have been studied. More chemicals and cell type from other animals or human will be included in the future.

Dr. Jiann-Gwu Lee, ( +886 2 33663873 )
Research interests

  1. Oxidants induced geno-toxicities
  2. Signal transduction pathways
  3. Apoptosis

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