Lab of Companion Animal Oncology

Cancer has become one of the leading cause that affects companion animal health in recent years. Clinical oncology laboratory focuses in providing clinical service, training, as well as research in fine tuning treatment protocol and explore possible novel modalities. This laboratory is located on 6th floor of teaching hospital and provide first opinion and referral out patient service. The clinical training involve students and residents in practicing modern cancer diagnosis, planning, treatments, and long term care for cancer patients. Recent clinical trials include photodynamic
therapy, immune modulation and target therapy, novel neoadjuvant procedure to further enhance of traditional treatment modalities.

Dr. Jihjong Lee +886 2 33663880
Research interests

  1. Drug resistance in canine lymphoma
  2. Molecular targeting in treating canine malignant tumors
  3. Apoptotic mechanism in cancer pathogenesis and treatment developments
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