Lab of Veterinary Neurology

We provide both undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as residents with clinical training in neurological examination, investigation procedures, imaging interpretation, diagnosis, and medical and surgical management in the field of clinical neurology in small animals. We also offer clinical service on medical neurology and neurosurgery at National Taiwan University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Investigation procedures we conduct include clinical pathology, imaging (radiography, myelography, CT and MRI), cerebrospinal fluid analysis, electrodiagnostic testing and nerve/muscle biopsy. The research interests of the lab of veterinary neurology include imaging diagnosis of neurological disease, hypothermia treatment for brain injury, and stem cell therapy for CNS diseases.
Dr. Ya-Pei Chang +886 2 27396828 ext. 2170
Research interests

  1. Radiographic findings of atlantoaxial instability
  2. Hypothermia treatment for brain injury
  3. Feline thiamine deficiency
  4. Preparation and application of mesenchymal stem cells therapy, including harvesting, isolation, pathogen screening protocols, clinical application in CNS diseases, and the potential mechanisms of therapeutic effect in spinal cord injury

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