Lab of Small Animal Internal Medicine and Clinical Pathology

Our Lab is devoted to investigate and treat small animal internal diseases, and provide medical managements for shelter animals. We have established and published a clinical useful and non-expensive therapeutic strategy (combinations of clindamycin, diminazene and imidocarb; CDI) in treatment of canine Babesia gibsoni infection; an algorithm for disease stage in cats with feline infectious peritonitis; an algorithm for disease severity scoring system in feline pancreatitis. We also provide students with clinical experiences in examinations, diagnoses, and treatments in various small animal internal diseases, especially intensive and critical cares, at NTU Veterinary Hospital. In addition, the students in the lab would attend shelter animals or sick dogs and cats by the roadside. Our Lab specializes in critical services in the fields of hematology, immune-mediated diseases, infectious diseases and endocrinology for companion animals.
Dr. Bi-Ling Su +886 2 27396828 ext. 4010
Research interests

  1. Small animal infectious diseases
  2. Tick-borne diseases
  3. Immune-mediated diseases
  4. Endocrinology

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