Lab of Large Animal and Wildlife Medicine


We have our own outpatient department for exotic pets, wild animals and large animals in our hospital. In addition, the clinic provides home-visit veterinary services. We are devoted to enhance medical quality of those fields and plug into advanced clinical research.
Research includes the physiology of wildlife , investigate the prevalence, diagnosis and treatment of wildlife diseases. By cooperating with several rehabilitation centers and research institutions, we rescue injured wild animals such as wild birds, sea turtles, small rodents, non-human primates and join in wildlife conservation research in Taiwan.

Furthermore, there is a 3-years resident training program in our lab. Residents are trained to perform general health examination, internal medicine, surgical medicine, endoscopic surgery, laboratory examination, and imaging examination in exotic pets, wild animals and large animals.

Dr. Chau-Hwa Chi +886 2 27396828 ext1161

Dr. Pin-Huan Yu +886 2 33663882
Research interests

  1. Conservation medicine
  2. Wildlife and exotic animal Medicine
  3. Large animal medicine
  4. Chinese herb medicine application in animals

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