Professor Tzong-Fu Kuo

Highest Degree: Ph.D., NTU, ROC.

Research Area: Animal Anatomy, Embryology, Teratology, and Regenerative Medicine

Tel: +886-2-3366-1295


Office hours: by appointment

  • Journal papers

    1. Tzong-Fu Kuo, Hsiu-Chi Lin, Kai-Chiang Yang, Feng-Huei Lin, Min-Huey Chen, Cgang-Chin Wu, Hao-Hueng Chang. Bone Marrow Combined with Dental Bud Cells Promotes Tooth Regeneration in Miniature Pig Model. Artificial Organs In Press, 2010.

    2. Sing-Chung Li, Ching-Yu Lin, Tzong-Fu Kuo, Yun-Ho Lin, Chia-Chun Chen, Way-Neng Lin, Wing P Chan. Chicken model of steroid-induced bone marrow adipogenesis using proteome analysis: A preliminary study. Proteome Science 8:47-54, 2010.

    3. Yi-Chun Lai, Tzong-Fu Kuo, Chien-Kuang Chen, Shoei-Sheng Lee. Metabolism of dicentrine: Identification of the phase I and phase II metabolites in miniature pig urine. Drug Metabolism and Disposition 38(10):1714-1722, 2010.

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    5. Han-Wen Cheng, Tzong-Fu Kuo, Tien-Huan Hsu. Specific Respiratory Diseases in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine for Dogs. Proceedings of the Third Academic Conference of Asian Society of Traditional Veterinary Medicine 35-40, 2010.

    6. Chun-Lin Lee, Tzong-Fu Kuo, Cheng-Lun Wu, Jyh-Jye Wang, and Tzu-Ming Pan. Red Mold Rice Promotes Neuroprotective sAPPalpha Secretion Instead of Alzheimer’s Risk Factors and Amyloid Beta Expression in Hyperlipidemic Aβ40-Infused Rats. J Agr Food Chem58:2230-2238, 2010.

    7. Chi-Yang Chen , Tsung-Li Kuo , Shi-Yuan Sheu and Tzong-Fu Kuo*. Preventive effects of Chinese Herb Chai-Hu-Gui-Zhi-Tang Extract on Water Immersion Restraint Stress-Induced Acute Gastric Ulceration in Rats. The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 72(6):679-685, 2010.

    8. Tzong-Fu Kuo, Hsin-Chi Lin, An-Ting Hung, Kai-Chiang Yang, Huei-Feng Lin, Tswen-Kei Tanng, Shui-Tsung Chen, Andrew HJ Wang. Gelatin-Chondroitin-Hyaluronan Tri-Copolymer Scaffold Seeded with Dental Bud Cells for Odontogenesis: An Ex Vivo Study on Nude Mice. Biomedical Engineering Applications, Basis and Communications 22(6):535-547, 2010.

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    12. Shi-Yuan Sheu, Yi-Chih Lei, Yung-Te Tai, Tong-Hsuan Chang, Tzong-Fu Kuo*. Screening of salbutamol residues in swine meat and animal feed by an enzyme immunoassay in Taiwan. Analytica Chimica Acta 654:148-153, 2009.

    13. Chu-Chen Cheng, Kuan-Huei Hsieh, Yi-Chih Lei, Yung-Te Tai, Tong-Hsuan Chang, Shi-Yuang Sheu, Wen-Ren Li, And Tzong-Fu Kuo*. Development and Residue Screening of the 2 Furazolidone Metabolite, 3-Amino-2-oxazolidinone (AOZ), in Cultured Fish by an Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay. J Agric Food Chem 57(13):5687-5692, 2009.

    14. Albert Taiching Liao, Ming-Huang Chang, Chau-Hwa Chi, * Tzong-Fu Kuo. The Bronchial Tree and Lobular Division of the Formosan Reeve’s muntjac (Muntiacus Reevesi Micrurus ) Lung. Taiwan Med J 5(1): 29-35, 2009.

    15. Tzong-Fu Kuo , Yueh-Kuei Wang , Shi-Yuan Sheu , Ming-Huang Chang , and Jiann-Hsiung Wang. Detection of Residues by Use of Solid-Phase Extration and Reversed Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography after Oral Administration of Amoxicillin in Bass Muscle. Taiwan Med J 35(2): 66-74, 2009.

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    17. Wan-Ju Li, Hongsen Chiang, Tzong-Fu Kuo, Hsuan-Shu Lee, Ching-Chuan Jiang and Rocky S. Tuan. Evaluation of articular cartilage repair using biodegradable nanofibrous scaffolds in a swine model: a pilot study. J Tissue Eng Regen Med 3: 1–10, 2009.

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  • Conference papers

    1. Yang KC, Z Qi, S Sumi, TF Kuo and FH Lin. 2008. Chitosan Hydrogel as Immunoisolative Matrix for Xenogeneic Islet Transplantation. 2008 Anniversary Conference Proceedings of Chinese Association of Laboratory Animal Science. OP-6, P.xx, Taipei, Taiwan. Dec. 4-5, 2008.

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