Assistant Professor Hui-Wen Chang

Highest Degree: Ph.D. National Taiwan University
Employment History:
2014 August-2015 Jan: Assistant Research Scholar; Full-time, Graduated Institute of Molecular and Comparative Pathology, School of Veterinary Medicine, National Taiwan University. (Granted by Ministry of Science and Technology.)
2012 April-2014 March: Postdoctoral fellow; Full-time, Barouch Lab, Center for Virology and Vaccine Research, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School.
2006 Nov-2011 Dec: Postdoctoral research; Full-time, Virology Division, Department of Infectious Diseases & Immunology, Veterinary Faculty, Utrecht University.

Research areas: Molecular pathogenesis of viral disease; subunit vaccine, inactive vaccine, and live attenuate vaccine development; molecular virology: viral virulent gene determination, cellular receptor identification, and virus-host interactions.
Tel+886-2-3366-9899 (office)
Office hours: By appointment

Publications :

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