Assistant Professor I-Li Liu

Highest Degree: Ph.D. The University of Tokyo
Research area: Bone Regeneration Medicine, Experimental Animal Model, Bone Biomechanics
Tel:+886-2-2739-6828 ext. 2030 (office)
Office hours: By appointment


  • Journal papers
  • Liu, IL., Choi, S., Yamamoto, K., Honnami, M., Sakai, T., Ohba, S., Echigo, R., Suzuki, S., Nishimura, R., Chung, UI., Sasaki, N., Mochizuki, M. Implantation of tetrapod-shaped granular artificial bones or β-tricalcium phosphate granules in a canine large bone-defect model. Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 2013 Oct 25. [Epub ahead of print]. (IF: 0.876; R/C=73/142, VETERINARY SCIENCES)
  • Honnami, M., Choi, S., Liu, IL., Kamimura, W., Taguchi, T., Hojo, H., Shimohata, N., Ohba, S., Koyama, H., Nishimura, R., Chung, UI., Sasaki, N., Mochizuki, M. Repair of rabbit segmental femoral defects by using a combination of tetrapod-shaped calcium phosphate granules and basic fibroblast growth factor-binding ion complex gel. Biomaterials 2013; 34(36): 9056-9062. (IF: 7.604; R/C=3/79,ENGINEERING, BIOMEDICAL; R/C=1/27,MATERIALS SCIENCE, BIOMATERIALS)
  • Choi, S., Lee, J., Igawa, K., Liu, IL., Honnami, M., Suzuki, S., Nishimura, R., Chung, UI., Sasaki, N., Mochizuki, M. Changes in bone regeneration by trehalose coating and basic fibroblast growth factor after implantation of tailor-made bone implants in dogs. Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 2013; 75(6): 721–726. (IF: 0.876; R/C=73/142, VETERINARY SCIENCES)
  • Liu, IL., Choi, S., Yamamoto, K., Igawa, K., Mochizuki, M., Sakai, T., Echigo, R., Honnami, M., Suzuki, S., Chung, UI., Sasaki, N. Development and evaluation of tetrapod-shaped granular artificial bones. Acta Biomaterialia 2012;8(6): 2340-2347.   (IF: 5.093; R/C=4/79,ENGINEERING, BIOMEDICAL; R/C=2/27,MATERIALS SCIENCE, BIOMATERIALS)
  • Chi CH., Liu IL., Lo WY., Liaw BS., Wang YS., Chi KH. Hepatocyte growth factor gene therapy prevents radiation-induced liver damage. World J Gastroenterol 2005; 11 (10): 1496-1502. (IF: 2.471; R/C=32/74,GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY)
  • Conference papers
  • Liu, IL., Mochizuki, M., Chung, UI., Suzuki, S., Sasaki, N. Clinical evaluation of new bone filling materials of tetrapod-shaped α-tricalcium phosphate granules in a rabbit femur defect model. The 1st Asian Meeting of Veterinary Surgery. 2011, Jan.
  • 本阿彌宗紀、望月学、上村渉 、市村誠 、漆崎幸憲、崔成眞、劉以立、下畑宣行、天谷浩一、小山博之、鄭雄一、佐々木伸雄. The hybrid effect of tailor made titanium plate, alpha-TCP and collagen-gel for a critical-sized canine segmental radial defect. The 33rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Biomaterials. 2011, Nov.

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