Assistant Professor Jih-Jong Lee

Highest Degree: Ph.D., NTU, ROC.

Research Area: Veterinary Clinical Oncology, Cancer Biology, Cancer Gene Target Therapy 

Tel: +886-2-2739-6828 ext. 5230


Office hours: Monday 11:30-12:00 (by appointment)

  • Journal papers

    1. Lin C.N., B.L. Su, H.P. Huang, J. J. Lee, M.W. Hsieh, L.L. Chueh. Gield strain feline coronaviruses with small deletion in ORF7b associated with both enteric infection and feline infectious peritonitis. J Feline Med Surg. Nov, 2008.

    2. Lee J., M.S. Huang, I.C. Yang, T.C. Lai, J.L. Wang, V.F. Pang, M. Hsiao, M.Y. Kuo. Essential roles of caspases and their upstream regulations in rotenone-induce apoptosis. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 20:371(1):33-38,2008.

    3. Lee J. J., P.B. Chen, S.H. Yang, C.H. Cheng, L.L. Chueh, V.F. Pang, M. Hsiao, C.T. Lin. Effect of the VP3 gene of chicken anemiavirus on canine mammary tumor cells. Am J Vet Res 68(4):411-422, 2007.

    4. Lee J. J., P. B. Chen, S. H. Yang, C. H. Cheng, L. L. Chueh, V. F. Pang, M. Hsiao, and C. T. Lin. Effects of the VP3 gene of chicken anemia virus on canine mammary gland tumor cells. American Journal of Veterinary Research 68(4): 411-422, 2007.

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