Associate Professor Chiung-Hsiang Cheng

Highest Degree: M.S., NTU, ROC. 

Research Area: Animal Histology, Techniques of Electron Microscopy (Biological Application), Neuroscience, Sleep Medicine, X-Ray Microanalysis 

Tel: +886-2-3366-3872


Office hours: by appointment


  • Journal papers

    1. 周贊慧、邱慧英、鄭穹翔、葉力森。手術治療貓疫苗相關肉瘤之回溯性研究:57例 (2002-2009)。Taiwan Vet. J (Revised),2010。

    2. Liao, Y.F., M.L. Tsai, C.T. Yen, C.H. Cheng. A simple method for fabricating microwire tetrode with sufficient rigidity and integrity without a heat-fusing process. Journal of Neuroscience Methods (in press), 2010.

    3. Du, S.J., H.C. Kuo, C.H. Cheng, A.C.Y. Fei, H.W. Wei, S.K. Chang. Molecular mechanisms of ceftazidime resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from canine and human infections. Veterinarni Medicina 55, 2010 (4): 172-182, 2010.

    4. Lu, C.Y., P.L. Yi, C.H. Tsai, C.H. Cheng, H.H. Chang, Y.T. Hsiao, F.C. Chang. TNF-NF-κB signaling mediates excessive somnolence in hemiparkinsonian rats. Behavioural Brain Research 208: 484-496, 2010.

    5. 陳姿君、邵耀華、包舜華、周迺寬、鄭穹翔、徐久忠。犬隻血管壁機械特性的超音波探討。Taiwan Vet J 35(3):190-198,2009。

    6. Cheng, C.H., P.L. Yi, J.G. Lin and F.C. Chang. Endogenous opiates in the nucleus tractus solitarius (NTS) mediate electroacupuncture-induced sleep activities in rats. Evidence-based Complementary and : Alternative Medicine. eCAM 2009; doi: 10.1093/ecam/nep132 [Epub ahead of print] (SCI), 2009.

    7. Wang, C.C., T.Y. Liu, C.H. Cheng, and T.R. Jan. Involvement of the mitochondrion-dependent pathway and oxidative stress in the apoptosis of murine splenocytes induced by areca nut extract. Toxicol In Vitro 23(5):840-7, 2009.

    8. Chung, C.S., C. H. Cheng, S.C. Chin, A.H. Lee, and C.H. Chi. Morphologic and cytochemical characteristics of Asian yellow pond turtle (Ocadia sinensis) blood cells a nd their hematological and plasma biochemical reference values. J Zoo Wildl Med. 40(1):76-85, 2009.

    9. Chang, P.H., M.C. Yang, S.T. Kuo, M.H. Chen, and C.H. Cheng. Occurrence of a rickettsia-like prokaryote in the small abalone, Haliotis diversicolor supertexta, cultured in Taiwan. Bull Eur Ass Fish Pathol 28(2): 52-57, 2008.

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    11. Yeh, T.H., C.H. Tsai, Y.S. Chen, W.C. Hsu, C.H. Cheng, C.J. Hsu, and S.Y. Lee. Increased Communication Among Nasal Epithelial Cells in Air-Liquid Interface Culture. Laryngoscope 117(8): 1439-1444, 2007.

    12. Lin, C. F., C. H. Tsai, C. H. Cheng, Y. S. Chen, F. Tournier, and T. H. Yeh. The expression of Toll-like receptors in cultured nasal epithelial cells. Acta Oto-Laryngol 127(4): 395-402, 2007.

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    15. Sun, Y. L., C. H. Cheng, and J. G. Lee. Cytotoxic effects of aflatoxin B1 on rat peritoneal lavage cells: Induction of DNA single strand breaks and apoptosis. Taiwan Vet J 33(2): 104-113, 2007.

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    22. Cheng, C.H. and C.H. Kuo. Using indicators of stress responses and physiological functions to evaluate effects of different nitrite concentration and temperature on the soft-shell turtle (Pedodiscus sinesis). Taiwan Vet. J 31(1):56-63, 2005.

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