Associate Professor Lih-Chiann Wang

Highest Degree: Ph.D., NTU, ROC.

Research Area: Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine, Molecular Biology, Behavioral Medicine

Tel: +886-2-2739-6828 ext. 4270


Office hours: by appointment

Assistant Professor Lih-Chiann Wang Highest Degree: Ph.D., NTU, ROC. Research Area: Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine, Molecular Biology, Behavioral Medicine Tel: +886-2-2739-6828 ext. 4270 Email: Office hours: by appointment Publications:
  • Journal papers

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  • Conference papers

    1. Wang LC, Len CY, Chin SC, Shih LL, Yang CJ. 2010. Diagnosis of adrenal gland hyperplasia in a captive Chinese mink (Mustela sibirica taivana) using fecal glucocorticoid assay and computer tomography. American Association of Zoo Veterinarians. South padre Island, Texas, USA

    2. Wang LC, Huang D, Pan CH, Liu LY, Chen CT, Chin SC, Wang CH. 2009. Simultaneous detection of avian influenza and Newcastle disease viruses using multiplex PCR on fecal samples of wild birds in Taipei Zoo. The 3rd international workshop of Asian society of zoo and wildlife medicine. Seoul. Korea

    3. Wang LC, Yang CJ, Yu JF. 2009. Acupuncture in a Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) with hindlimb paralysis. The international conference on diseases of zoo and wild animals. Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands.

    4. Wang LC, Chin SC, Chang JH, Yang CJ, Chen PC, Severinghaus LL, Lir JT, Wang CH. 2007. Helicobacter infection in captive serval (Leptailarus serval). International Symposium on Diseases of Zoo and Wild Animals. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

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    6. Wang LC, Chen CT, Lir JT, Chin SC, Pu CE, Wang CH. 2006. Molecular sexing of Nicobar pigeons (Caloenas nicobarica) from feather rachis. American Association of Zoo Veterinarians. Tampa, Florida, USA

    7. Wang LC. 2004. Case report: The hyperplasia and neoplasia of adrenal glands in cative ferrets (Mustela putorius furo).The 12th South East Asian Zoos Association. Hong Kong, China.

    8. Wang LC, Chin SC. 2003. Sex identification of king penguin. (Aptenodytes patagonicus).The 13th South East Asian Zoos Association. Hong Kong, China.

  • Books

    1. 王儷蒨。2011年。兔子常見的疾病與醫療。動物園雜誌

    2. 王儷蒨。2008年。蜜袋鼯疾病診斷與防治。動物疫病診斷鑑定研習會手冊

    3. 王儷蒨。2008年。雪貂疾病診斷與防治。動物疫病診斷鑑定研習會手冊

    4. 王儷蒨。2008年。鳥類常見之人畜共同傳染病。97年度鳥類救傷及實務操作研習營手冊

    5. 王儷蒨、余珍芳、郭俊成、王寶榮、張志華。2003年。臺北市立動物園野生靈長類動物麻醉手冊

    6. 王儷蒨。2003年。黑猩猩族群血緣分析研究。動物園雜誌

    7. 金仕謙、吳芳親、王儷蒨、趙齊相、陳孟宜、蒲長恩。2000年。臺北市立動物園黑猩猩族群STR血緣分析之研究 DNA多型性分析鑑識運用研討會論文集

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