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Foreigners who are particularly interested in taking our international degree undergraduate program are advised to visit OIA's website (Office of International Affairs of NTU) for detailed application procedure. 
Website : International Degree Admission
If you have further questions after visiting the website, you are always welcome to contact us.
Office of International Affairs

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Study Abroad & Exchange Program
For those who are interested in exchange student program, OIA's website will also satisfy you with abundance of useful information. 

Study abroad and Exchange Program

  • Map: Easy Life at NTU (NTU Campus Map), provided by the NTU Office of General Affairs
  • Life in Taipei:  
  • Trasportation:

    (1) Taxi
    Taxi stop is located outside the arrival lobby. Charge by meter plus 50%. The total charge for getting to NTU should be about NTD 1100~1300. (No need to tip.)

    (2) Car Rental

    After passing the custom and entering the lobby of the airport, follow the sign to the counter for car rentals. Ask for a taxi to Taipei and pay about NTD 1300. A taxi driver will come to get you to any place in Taipei (including NTU). (No need to tip.)

    (3) Bus

    After passing the custom and entering the lobby of the airport. Follow the sign to your left to the counters for buses to Taipei. (There are about two or three counters for different bus companies.) Pay about NTD 110~120 at the counter for a ticket which you will have to present to the bus driver. Ask where the bus stop is. The bus stop should be just outside one of the gates nearby, within 10 meters from the counter. The bus departs every 10-20 mins. The bus will get on a freeway for about 40 mins and get to the city, assume that there is no traffic jam on freeway. Get off at the 3rd or 4th stop if you want to get to NTU. Take a taxi to NTU or other places. The taxi fare is about NTD 200 to NTU.
  • Restaurants:

  • There are all sorts of restaurants surrounding NTU campus and a few cafeteria on campus for students at very low prices.


    Catholic church
    Church in the Tien Education Center
    Baptist Church
    Grace Baptist Church


             Tour Guide for Taipei 



In addition to extra-curricular activities, undergraduates in the department are also encouraged to carry out discussions periodically to share their thoughts and opinions on Chinese Classics and texts.

The undergraduates in the department have organized the "NTU VET Society". Under a self-administrating system, students select their chairman annually. Through various activities, the society plays an active role in promoting mutual understanding and communication between teachers and students. Other important events held before or during each semester include:


 1. Overnight Freshman Orientation: a two-day camping trip, where an excursion into the country side with a campfire helps new students get to know one another. In the relaxed atmosphere, the older students leading the trip can share what they have gained through the experience of college life.

 2. Sports: badminton, volleyball and basketball matches are regularly held.

 3. Discussions: academic as well as general discussions in literature and other topics are frequently held.

 4. Literary Club: a group organized for high school students to foster their appreciation for creative writing and develop their interest in literature.

 5. The week of VET: This is an important event held once a year. It comprises a series of seminars, a book-fair and an evening gathering "The VET Night".

 6. Department Newsletter: published monthly to report the latest activities and events of the department news.

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