Buildings and Facilities

Teaching Resources

In addition to the Department and Graduate Institute of Veterinary Medicine and the Graduate Institute of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, the Zoonoses Research Center, Animal Disease and Livestock Hygiene Technology Center, Animal Cancer Research Center, and the Office of the NTU-Yonglin Humane Project Center are divisions of the SVM. All department programs are located in VM1, VM2, and VM3 Halls in addition to the NTU Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  The total area of space in the department buildings is 18132.14 square meters.

Research Facility

EKG, respiratory monitor, noninvasive blood pressure monitor (Oscillatory & Doppler), veterinary anesthesia apparatus, animal physiological monitor, Doppler cardio ultrasound, endoscopy, electroencephalogram, hemodyalysis machine, X-ray, C-arm, MRI, operating microscope, electoral high speed bone drill, ultrasound phacoemulsification machine, diode laser, laser blade, lactate analyzer, blood gas analyzer, urinalysis analyzer, joint motion function analyzer, full automatic biochemistry analyzer, blood coagulation analyzer, electrolyte analyzer, acid/base ion analyzer.

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